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Sewer Repairs

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Now is the time to act if you need sewer and drain cleaning or sewer line repair. All pipes are subject to leaks, blocks, and breakage from normal wear and tear. This is especially true as they age. You won’t want to wait until there are sewer line problems to have your sewer system inspected or cleaned. You may be able to avoid potential problems by being proactive today.

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Do You Need Sewer Repair?

You’ll want to watch for the following warning signs in your home for sewer or drain problems. It may be time for drain or sewer repair if any of the following are present in your home:

  • Bad SmellsYou may have sewage leaking if you smell a foul odor in or around your home. 
  • Backups or Slow drainage  — Sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets should drain with ease. If your sinks, showers, tubs, or toilets are backing up, it could mean you need sewer repair.
  • Water PoolingWhen there is standing water in areas that are not prone to water pooling, it could mean you have a pipe or sewer leak in an area close to the surface. Things can always get worse so don’t wait to call a professional.
  • Rodents & BugsRodents & bugs tend to feed off of sewage. If you notice a large amount on your property, it could mean there are issues with your drain or sewer system.
  • Green & Lush Patches of Yard If you notice green and lush areas of your yard, it could mean these areas are getting added “fertilizer” from your plumbing system.

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Sewer Repair Services

Main Line Sewer Repairs 

It’s never convenient when your drain or sewer system has issues. That’s why you can always count on Frontier plumbing for quick and responsive repair service. Our expert plumbers are fully equipped to handle any plumbing problem- they can diagnose and fix any sewer or drain problem seven days a week!

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