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Camera Inspections


A camera inspection is always a good idea, even if we don’t find any pressing issues. Main sewer lines are complicated and need to be checked every so often.

Main Line/Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Do you have main line/sewer line problems? Get to the bottom of your problems with a camera inspection today!  Let our experienced plumbers at Frontier Plumbing & Heating fix your sewer lines when you call for professional plumbing services.

Our service area includes Lehi, Herriman, South Jordan, West Jordan, Draper, Salt Lake City, and surrounding areas.

Main sewer lines are more complex than most people realize & just like the rest of your plumbing, it requires periodic upkeep. A camera inspection can be extremely helpful when issues arise.

 Let us help you with your main line/sewer line issues so you don’t have to worry! To learn more about our camera inspection services or to schedule a sewer inspection, fill out our contact form or call us today at (801) 806-0033.

Sewer Inspection South Jordan

How Camera Inspections Work

Frontier Plumbing & Heating uses fiber-optic cables to perform our cutting-edge main sewer line inspections in Salt Lake City.  A tiny camera is inserted into your sewer system and we are able to record images on our video monitor. With an accurate picture of your sewer line, we can identify potential issues and start recommending the best repair options. 

A Camera Inspection May Find The Following Sewer Problems:

  • Deterioration/Cracks: Whether your sewer line is breaking down from old age or from the elements, a video inspection can detect the problem. This service can be very helpful with outdated systems, such as cement or clay pipes. 
  • Root Damage: One of the biggest issues plumbers face with sewer lines, is tree root infiltration. This tends to be even more so with older sewer systems. Tree roots will naturally grow into moisture around any cracks and wreak havoc on your pipes. Frontier Plumbing & Heating can identify any root problem areas and figure out what parts of your sewer line needs repair.
  • Mold/Fungus: Mold and fungus can also grow in your sewer line due to moisture coming from cracks or openings. Some mold or fungus growth is normal, however, camera inspections may be able to identify any toxic elements. 
  • Animals: Small animals can get into your sewer lines and cause backups. Larger animals may not fit, but they can nest around your lines and destroy them by making holes. 
  • Cesspools: Cesspools can be a big problem for older homes that have relied on public septic systems. When cesspools intersect with sewer lines, they can create sinkholes and other damage to your yard. 

Camera Inspection in South Jordan

With over 20 years of experience, Frontier Plumbing & Heating can help you with any camera inspections or sewer line inspections. There’s no reason to put off a main sewer line video inspection- our camera inspections come with a no-cost/no obligation guarantee. That means there is no cost for the inspection itself, and there is no obligation on your part to hire us to fix any problems we may find.

Sewer Line Inspections

What To Expect With A Camera Inspection

Our Salt Lake City Plumbing Technicians must complete a thorough inspection in order to figure out if your sewer system has a clog, or if your pipes have collapsed. What you can expect:

  • No Digging is Required
  • High Tech Video Cameras Find Issues While Small
  • Provide Accurate Pictures
  • No Hassle, No Messes
  • Free Inspection with No Obligations
  • Offer Comprehensive & Effective Solutions

Once the sewer camera inspection is done, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on in your pipes. Give our South Jordan experienced plumbers a call today at (801) 806-0033.

Clearing The Way

Clogs in your drains and pipes can happen very easily from a variety of sources. Our exceptionally skilled employees are skilled in both determining the cause of a drain as well as clearing it away. We utilize cameras to inspect your pipes and find the source of the problem, saving the evidence on a USB drive for you to view and make a decision about. Depending on your decision we can simply clean the pipe with our motorized snake or if it’s an older pipe caused problems, replace it with a new plastic one to prevent future recurrences.