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When you have a water leak within your plumbing system, not only can a leak cause water damage but it can also drastically increase your water bill. It’s important to have a local plumber in South Jordan find and repair these leaks immediately. There are several leaks you need to watch out for:

Leaking Water Heater 

There is a pressure relief valve on every water heater to ensure there isn’t too much pressure built up within the tank. If it’s old or damaged, this valve can leak so you’ll want to listen for a hissing sound. This is the sound of high-pressure air leaking through a small opening.

Leaks In Toilet Tank

To check for a toilet leak, simply add a couple of drops of food coloring to the toilet tank and wait a few minutes. If the colored water makes its way into the bowl, then you know for sure you have a leak that needs repairing.

Leaking Faucet

A faucet can become loose from its connection and water will begin to trickle down. A leaky faucet can be common so be sure to check all your faucets for leaks every so often.

Leak Detection South Jordan

Locating leaks in your home can not only save water but it can also save you money; especially when you decide to rely on a local plumber in South Jordan. If you can tell the plumber where the leak is, this most likely will cut down on inspection and labor time. Even if you aren’t able to pinpoint where the leak is, knowing the general area of where the leak might be can help the plumber find it more quickly.

Rely On A South Jordan Plumber to Find Water Leaks

Quickly finding a water leak in your home is not only important for saving water and money, but it can also save you from more water damage. If you think you have a water leak in your home, rely on a South Jordan Plumber at Frontier Plumbing & Heating to help locate and fix your water leak. Call (801) 806-0033 or contact us online today! We’ll find your leak in no time at all!